Flu vaccination 2022/2023

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Flu vaccination 2022/2023

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For two years now, the Corona pandemic has accompanied us with all its effects on our everyday lives. By following the AHA rules and continuously wearing the medical masks, last season's flu wave was very moderate.

The disadvantage of this behaviour, however, is that our immune system could not react to stimuli and is thus weakened. This makes it all the more important to go into winter freshly strengthened this autumn. Therefore, we ask you to get vaccinated against the flu (influenza).

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We need your binding registration by 31.05.2022.

Employees of the companies Alstom and RGM ExperSite GmbH can only register if they are members of the Continentale company health insurance fund.

Why vaccinate against flu?

Strengthen your immune system


  • Influenza is transmitted via droplet or smear infection, i.e. washing hands alone is not sufficient protection.
  • True flu (influenza) marks a sudden onset of illness with fever, sore throat, dry cough, etc.

Why vaccinate?

  • Vaccination is the most effective protection against influenza infection.
  • The STIKO recommends vaccination for e.g. people over 60 or pregnant women or people with an increased risk of infection.

Side effects

  • The vaccination is usually well tolerated. Reddening of the skin at the vaccination site, swelling, slight fever, sweating,
  • Fatigue and other symptoms are possible. The symptoms usually subside within up to two days.
  • In case of allergy to components of the vaccine, such as chicken egg white, the doctor should be consulted.
  • You should not do any sport for a few days after the vaccination.

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We need your binding registration by 31.05.2022.

As in previous years, the vaccination will again be carried out by the company medical department of RGM ExperSite GmbH.

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